When choosing a hardwood floor for your home, it’s important that you have the fundamentals down before getting started. When you know about the different options you have available, you’ll be able to make a more effective choice as you move closer to your floor renovation. However, there are those of you who are new to the renovation business and will need some information on what to look for before getting started. With that said, here is a quick guide which walks you through 3-4 fundamental points to pay close attention to before choosing the hardwood floor.


The first thing to pay close attention to is the type of floor you’re looking to get installed within your home. You have many different types of color and if you would like to select oil or water based flooring. Each type will offer a different twist when it comes to refinishing and longevity. Some solid types of wood last much longer when they are installed within your home which would also depend on the amount of foot traffic going back and forth over several months.


The cost of having a hardwood floor installed within your home can be pretty steep which why it’s recommended that you shop around before making your final choice. Hardwood flooring can be very competitive with many companies having different prices. This actually works to your benefit because you can use the different prices as leverage when you are shopping around. Make sure the company has different types of wood and is offering a free consultation before getting started so you can ask the questions that are on your mind.


If the company has your hardwood floor and your ready to move forward, it’s time to research the company so that you know the job will be done right. Take your time and do a quick search online reading reviews on the company making sure they are positive before moving forward. You can ask them for a portfolio of their clients so you can see the type of work they’ve done within your home. If you are happy with the work than you can continue however you may want to consider the next thing on the list before moving forward so you can protect yourself.


To make sure the job is done on time and up to satisfaction, you can ask them about a special payment structure which works out to 50/50 before and after work. It’s a great way to protect yourself as you have the job done within your home.